Physical Therapy

Neurological Conditions

​If you or a loved one has suffered or is dealing with one of the following conditions we can help!

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

  • Stroke

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • ALS

  • Demyelinating diseases

  • Autoimmune conditions

Pre or Postpartum

Exercise is an essential way to keep mom and baby healthy throughout a pregnancy and to ensure that mom heals well.  

We design individualized Pilates based exercise programs to facilitate the best outcomes for mom and baby.  

Additionally, the body goes through a lot of changes and stressors during pregnancy that can cause new aches and pains.  

Reach out to PilaTherapy for your physical therapy needs pre and postpartum.


Have you ever felt dizzy, a spinning sensation or intermittent and unpredictable vertigo?

PilaTherapy can help you with a comprehensive vestibular therapy evaluation. We will establish a plan of care that can help you manage symptoms and often eliminate them completely. 


Balance Disorder

Have you ever felt off balance, suffered falls or been a little unsteady on your feet? 

PilaTherapy can help you by evaluating the root cause of your balance dysfunction and designing a balance retraining program to improve your confidence and get you back on your feet. 

Gait Dysfunction

Do you notice that your walking is not as smooth as it once was or has an injury left you with an asymmetry in your walking pattern?

PilaTherapy can help with a comprehensive gait assessment and treatment program to return you to your optimal and most efficient walking pattern. 


Generalized joint pain, chronic musculoskeletal pain, acute injury, or back pain?

At PilaTherapy we use functional movement techniques, manual therapy, Pilates, pain science education, meditation and holistic therapies to provide comprehensive pain management and pain reduction strategies to our patients.



Have you or a loved one suffered a concussion and are concerned about when and how to return to work/ school, exercise and sport?

At PilaTherapy we can help you return to your optimal level of performance by guiding you through evidence based return to activity protocols.

Whiplash Injury

Have you been in a car accident or suffered a whiplash injury?

PilaTherapy can help reduce your pain, improve your mobility and help you achieve your prior level of function.

New to Exercise

It's okay! If you have never had an exercise habit and are intimidated by the gym we can help you!

At PilaTherapy we believe that everyone can find a way that they love to move. 

We create exercise programs that can be performed at home, at the gym or outside with or without equipment based on your movement preferences and mobility goals.