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  • Do I need a prescription for Physical Therapy?
    The state of Florida allows "direct access" for physical therapy services. This means that we can perform a physical evaluation, establish a plan of care and start treatment without needing a prescription right away. If we are still working together after 30 days we will need to reach out to your physician for a referral.
  • What if I've never done Pilates?
    No worries! At PilaTherapy we use Pilates principles to facilitate movement and rehabilitation. These principles include breathing, spine articulation, alignment and movement integration to name a few. We use Pilates exercises to achieve core stability so that your distal joints can move better.
  • ¿Se ofrece servicios en español?
    Sí, todos los servicios de fisioterapia y Pilates también se ofrecen en español.
  • Do you take my insurance?
    PilaTherapy is a out-of-network physical therapy provider. We work directly with our patinets to develop a plan of care that is right for each individual. We prioritize quality individualized care that is not limited to the constraints of insurance companies.
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